Jillian Cushwa

My family has been in business for generations and I got my love for business from my grandfather. It skipped a generation with my father but that’s another story.

My family has been involved in many types of enterprises but I’m sure most people have never heard of the Cushwa family, which is OK. I prefer that.

However, I decided a while ago that I would set up a site and share with people what I have learned about business particularly from my grandfather who incidentally was a very forward think individual-  ahead of his time you could say. Many of the ideas I will talk about here were things that he believed in.

I like to keep things simple and straight forward and no ‘shop talk’ will you find here. Just easy to understand ideas and concepts. He always said I talked too much and a little crazy so these might very well turn out to be the ravings of a crazy lady. However, business is business and the principals have remained the same – just the execution of them changes over time.