• Why You Should Start Your Own Medical Practise

    Often doctors dream about following the private practise path, but there are concerns when it comes to opening your solo medical practise, there shouldn’t be.

    What one of the biggest concern’s doctors seem to have is a lack of experience and knowledge when it comes to running a business.

    Many worries can run through someone’s mind like

    • Understanding medical billing
    • Concerns over needing backup if the patient had a complicated problem
    • Would patients want to visit a solo doctor?

    A lot of doctors avoid these concerns and simply opt to join a group practice. These worries are unfounded and quite universal all over the world. There are many barriers to get through to gain entry to open a solo office, but it isn’t impossible. The American Medical Association did a study in 2015 that found 17% of physicians were working within their own solo medical practice.

    Sure, you are going to need some knowledge when it comes to setting everything up and the patience to get through the challenges that are facing you. You need to get your licensure, set up a team, choose the location, purchase all the medical equipment, hiring reception staff etc.

    The advantage to opening your surgery is the fact you are in full control. You can set your individual schedule, fix problems without the need for other channels, not have a busy office where there are 3-4 doctors with a pile of patients waiting. Whatever your specialty, whether it’s aged care or dental operations, it is your surgery.

    If you are working solo, it has a great advantage of gaining a bond with the patients. Patients like to see the same doctor who is already aware of ongoing health problems, your history and what you prefer to have done as treatment. When working in a busy office with several doctors’ patients may not see the same doctor every time.

    Better Accountability

    Owning your own doctor’s office means you have professional control over the clinics environment and the care that is delivered to the patients individually.
    You can focus on a small number of procedures within your office without the need to send people away to other channels to have a simple injection or observation. Patients have the ability to bring concerns directly to you rather than being sent through 2-3 doctors who may lack detailed knowledge about the individual and their medical past. There is no longer fluffing around, you can help with injury prevention or illness management by getting to a problem directly instead of having a patient waste their time and money.

    For Convenience

    You won’t be so run off your feet hurrying to see patients on time. You can give your patients more time with you to raise their concerns while having full control over your schedule. You can limit procedures to a day that suits you, so you can be free to see more patients on the other days. Overran doctor’s offices are often limited to around 15 mins for an appointment. Patients can feel rushed, and it doesn’t give enough time to raise concerns, talk about what can be done plus an
    examination. Physician ownership allows you to serve fewer patients, so you can spend more time with patients without the worry of running into someone else’s appointment time.

    Owning your own office allows you to gain skills in leadership and quality initiatives while patients can get the care and attention they deserve. After all, they are paying for your services. Not only be the best doctor you can be but give patients the best services they can ask for, the status of your health is of significant importance.

  • The Importance & Impact of Networking

    Networking in a business is a very valuable way to grow your knowledge and any of the top business advisors will tell you that. It allows for you to learn from the success of the others, reach new customers and inform others about your small business.

    It is strongly recommended to network for a means to obtain new customers and to create a sustainable enterprise. Listed below are some of the top advantages for company owners expanding their communications:

    Creation of Referrals/Increased Traffic

    This is possibly the clearest advantage and why most business owners opt to take part in networking activities and join business to business organisations.

    The excellent news is that the recommendations which you get through communication are normally of a top quality and a lot of the time are pre-qualified for you. After that, you can follow up on those referrals/leads and turn them to customers. Thus you’re receiving much higher quality prospects from communication than other kinds of promotion.

    The increase in growth networking can give your business is a significant benefit. However, there are lots of others too.


    Having a motivated group of business owners together leads to plenty of chances! There are always a lot of opportunities which come from communications and this is the point where the advantages of business communications are huge!

    Opportunities like joint ventures, customer prospects, partnerships, talking and writing opportunities, company or asset earnings… the list continues, the chances that come networking are endless.

    Just be certain you’re jumping on board with the ideal opportunities and do not go leaping into each chance that comes your way. The chances that you become involved should align with your organisation goals/vision, otherwise, you may discover that you’re turning your wheels and pursuing after opportunities and getting nowhere.


    If you aspire to be a very successful business, then you definitely want to get a fantastic supply of relevant connections in your community which you could call on whenever you want them.

    Networking offers you a fantastic supply of connections and actually opens the door to speak to tremendously successful people who you wouldn’t otherwise be able to speak to or see easily.

    It is not just about who you’re networking with — this person will have a community you may tap into too. So ask the proper questions to discover whether the person you’re networking with has the connections that you want to connect with.

    Helpful Hints

    When like-minded small business owners to speak to you this also provides you the chance to get information from them on all kinds of things associated with your small business or your private life and getting that significant work-life equilibrium.

    Networking is a superb way to delve into advice and experience which you wouldn’t otherwise have the ability to reach. Networking is a way to receive some business leadership coaching in a conversational form. Just be certain you’re receiving solid guidance from the ideal person — somebody that really understands about everything you wish to know and isn’t only giving you their opinion on something they have no or hardly any expertise in.

    Increasing Reputation

    Becoming visible and getting seen is a large advantage of communicating. Be certain to regularly attend social and business events which can help to get your face known. After that, you can help to construct your reputation as a knowledgeable, dependable and supportive individual by providing useful information or suggestions to folks who want it. You’re even more likely to get more referrals and leads because you’ll be the one which pops into their mind when they want what you provide.

    Great Impact

    The people who you hang around and speak to affect the person you are and everything you do, therefore it’s essential to be surrounding yourself with positive, inspiring people who help you to grow and flourish as a company proprietor. Networking is very good for this, as company owners who are utilising networking are often people who are optimistic and uplifting.

    Higher confidence

    By routinely networking, and forcing yourself to speak to people you aren’t familiar with, you’ll get greater. This is quite important as a company operator, as your enterprise growth is wholly dependent on speaking to people and creating connections. If in the early stages of your business you seek advice from a mindset coach, this is something that could be highly encouraged.

    Networking is very good for people who are not confident since it actually pushes them to grow and learn how to create discussions and lasting relations with individuals they aren’t familiar with.

    Feeling Positive from Providing Support to Others

    If you genuinely love helping others networking is an excellent way that lets you do so. Networking is filled with company owners who have issues or problems in their company that require solving, and there’s a certain level of satisfaction from assisting somebody to address a problem they have and getting good results out of it. In return, anytime a comrade can give you strategic business advice it could make them feel valued and allow for a sense of accomplishment.


    To conclude, this one is much more personal instead of company related but is a large benefit none-the-less. Many friendships generate as a result of communicating since (for the most part) you’re all like-minded small business owners who are looking to cultivate your companies, and also you meet and assist each other frequently, so obviously powerful friendships have a tendency to forms, and also you meet and assist each other frequently, so obviously powerful friendships have a tendency to form.

  • exercise as a ceo

    As A CEO, look after your health

    Being the CEO of a company isn’t for wimps. Your schedule is unpredictable. You have conflicting responsibilities that pull you in many directions at the same time. You travel a lot, have late hours and cross time zones: all things that wreak havoc on your body. Your health, both physical and psychological is critically important. Keeping yourself in tip-top shape is a requirement for becoming a fantastic leader.

    It means keeping your exercise regimen, getting enough sleep and having a balanced diet. Keep away from bad habits which would inevitably result in health issues and reduced efficiency on the job. Remember that caring for yourself also means caring for your company.

    The holidays have just passed, and you were probably confronted with feasts and celebrations one after the other. So you made commitments to yourself to concentrate on your weight, your blood pressure and your overall health and well-being. Here is how to get your mind, body and brand in tip-top shape fast :

    Schedule a bi-weekly visit to your local gym. But it can be tricky to stick to that program when you are the only person who knows when you have skipped it. It would be smart to ask a friend to go with you to the gym as you are more likely to stick to the routine.