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Keys to Writing The Perfect Resume

The purpose of a resume is so you can communicate your qualifications, accomplishments and  employability skills to an employer. A resume means everything is organised in the one place which makes it easier for potential employers to scan through everything fast to see if you make a perfect match for the position in mind and if you have the proper qualifications or experience in vocational training for the job.

A perfect resume needs to be well written, focused and clear.

Here are a few tips for crafting your resume successfully.

  • Include all your contact information and be sure to update it if something changes.
  • Include your objective and what position you are applying for.
  • Include past positions if you have too many to list then either add them as bullet points or just add a few recent ones and then add more work history can be provided upon you request.
  • Even if you have volunteer work add it down it is still work whether you got paid for it or not.
  • Include the education and awards you may have won.
  • Be concise and clear know exactly what you want to say before you start creating or updating.
  • Choose a functional format or go with chronological and stick with it throughout the resume.
  • Include all education and awards that you receive.
  • If you use periods at the end of bullets use it for all of them.
  • Use a basic font and sizing that is 11 or bigger
  • Ensure to leave some white space you don’t want your resume to look cluttered
  • Ensure that you proofread your resume several time
  • Don’t include your hobbies or favourite things like colour and places to visit
  • Don’t lie about your experience or your education
  • Don’t include what you are earning from your current employer
  • Get others to review your resume before you go ahead and send it out. Give it to others to read and ask for some feedback.
  • If you feel you are not up to creating a resume or you can’t seem to get it right, you can always hire a professional to create one for you.

Your resume is basically a piece that is promoting you. Now is your time to impress and shine with the potential employers. If you get to the interview stage, then it means you were matched to a position and your hard work on your resume could be paying off. If you really want the job it is up to you to prove that you really want the job and don’t give u easy. Every time you earn a new skill or participate in paid or volunteer work it is a good idea to add it to your resume, so you don’t forget it. Even little things that you think may not be important can be greatly so don’t leave any skills or experience off the list.

If you are having trouble telling your story on just the one want or you want to include some of your work examples then list the important details on your resume then add a link to your personal website which is where you can show plenty more. Hiring managers don’t spend much time on each individual resume so help them get as much information in a short piece. Be sure to save your resume either on a USB or cloud storage you don’t want to lose something that is so important and takes so much effort to re-create.