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The Best Accessories For Your Office

An office is a place of productivity. As such, it should always be stocked with tools, stationery, and facilities that would ease up the worker in getting the work done. Here are some of the best accessories for your office, to keep it running efficiently and your employees drive.


  • Pen and Paper

Though self-explanatory, this could come in many forms nowadays. Millennials prefer working digitally, even taking notes comfortably through their phones. That said, having all your employees looking down on their phones all the time can look unprofessional and rude. Unless your office already has a no-phone policy when dealing with clients and during meetings, you should introduce one. For the more traditional workers, however, pen and paper still do the trick. Taking down special information, doodling ideas, noting callers and their contact numbers and taking a message are all done with an old school pen and paper. Super handy and efficient. 


  • A Filing Cabinet

Depending on the size of the files you’re dealing with, a filing cabinet is a great way to get organized. Most documents are dealt with online these days, but some still need manual categorization and compilation. In terms of bill payments, that need tangible proof most of the time, receipts need to be filed and stored manually. Contracts, documents and deeds of sales all need to be filed, as it has its special paper and chops that a virtual document may not be able to obtain. That said, we always try to file the majority of our documents digitally, to help the environment. E-statements (Bank statements) have been hailed since computers were discovered in the 1960s. But a filing cabinet keeps any paperwork you need organized.


  • Gadget stands and wire holders

Whether you work on a desktop computer, iPad, a mobile device or a laptop; gadgets that come with stands help you to work efficiently. Popsockets provides a great stand for smartphones if that’s your preference. It prevents you from having eye strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and stiff neck. Also, these stands allow you to use your phone through Bluetooth speakers while being mobile around the office. You can even create your own popsocket online, with the design you prefer. This leaves your hands free and working while you take a call. On the other hand, wire holders could help you in so many ways by getting your mobile phones’ wires out of the way. This leaves the table with unnecessary wire tangles giving you more space to work with.


  • A clock

Everybody at work expects everybody to be professional. Be ahead of your game by being punctual at all times. If you keep this up, you’d be setting an impression and could lead to promotion. 


  • A virtual assistant

This may just be the best accessory you could ever have in terms of research and digital innovation. This can be set to do many tasks to replace those that require you to face the computer and research for yourself. Simple real-time information that you get from the news about the weather, traffic situation and sports may be provided by some virtual assistants. 

Tasks usually are communicated via voice interaction. Its capability includes playing back music, taking note of to-do lists, reminding you of your schedule, setting alarms, streaming podcasts and then playing audiobooks. It may be connected to smart devices that could assist you in the office as well, provided your office is set up this way. It suggests for you to stand up when you have been sitting for more than an hour. This simple health reminder benefits our awareness of what we neglect most of the time, which could lead to health ailments.


  • A mug

There are times that you would need a cup of Joe in dealing with the tasks that demand time and energy from you. While your mug sits there as you go through it all, let it tell you what you need to hear. Print encouraging words on it like “Let’s do it!” or something like “You are the man!” which could push you to your fullest potential.

A clear working space always sets a fresh platform for the brain to work with. As these accessories keep you organized, inspired and motivated, having the things that you need within an arm’s reach in the office, gets you geared up.