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Why Fall Prevention Equipment Is More Important Than Ever

Falls happen quite frequently in the elderly, and unfortunately, the falls that the elderly suffer can result in injuries like head injuries, dislocations and fractures. Depending on the fall and how bad it was some elderly can die as a result of severe injuries like broken hips and head injuries.

Falls can happen as the elderly get older, they can lose their balance or become unstable, suffer cognitive impairment and due to environmental hazards around them. The population is growing and as more are being born more are growing old, frail and at risk of falling. It is important that we are implementing preventative protections in order to lower the chances of the frail suffering a fall. One simple way to to take action is to ensure there is plenty of falls prevention equipment being used in home and aged care facilities.

elderly woman lying in hospital bed after head injuryThere are many common equipment items that the elderly can use to prevent a fall such as mobility aids, grasp rails, and hip protectors from lowering the risk of a broken hip resulting from a fall.

There are many different forms of equipment that can be used to prevent a fall and are commonly used in aged care facilities to prevent and lessen the effect.

  • Hip protectors are very common and used on most elderly as they have foam pads inside little pockets that can protect the hip bones when someone has a fall. Many times those who suffer a fall and a broken hip can often suffer fatal injuries that would have been prevented if the individual had been wearing the hip protectors. The falls risk increase as people age and is more common in those people that are suffering osteoporosis, which is a condition that makes the bones turn brittle.
  • Bed and chair alarms are fantastic for nursing homes as the staff cannot be with every patient at the same time. Some of the elderly become confused and will often get up out of bed when they are patients who need to be assisted. Bed and chair alarms are a great way to alert staff when someone is getting up unassisted and may be in danger.

Using the alarms means there is no need for medications or physical restraints which can distress and scare the patients. These type of beds and chairs work by a pressure sensor that becomes activated when there is movement on the chair or the bed. Once the alarm goes off the staff, know they need to assist in avoiding someone from suffering a fall.

There are many other different forms of protective equipment that can help to prevent a fall, such as:

  • Shower chairs
  • Bed rails
  • Bed raisers
  • Hip protectors
  • Nonslip flooring
  • Commodes
  • Hoists
  • Walkers

Aged care facilities are equipped with heaps of fall prevention equipment. Still, if you have a family member who is living at home but is elderly and frail, you may consider buying a few fall prevention aid to avoid a fall and keep the elderly living independently for longer. Most fall prevention equipment can be hired if you prefer not to buy it or you don’t intend on using the equipment for long if the equipment is only needed while an injury heals.

Some elderly feel safer knowing there is prevention equipment in place shall they ever suffer a fall.